Publications récentes

[ANNÉE 2002]
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T. Tran-Thuong, C. Roisin, "A Multimedia Model Based on Structured Media and Sub-elements for Complex Multimedia Authoring And Presentation", Int'l Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Special Issue on Image and Video Coding and Indexing, to be published
T. Tran-Thuong, C. Roisin, "An Abstract Animation Model for Integrating SMIL Basic Animation Elements with Multimedia Documents", IEEE International Conference on Multimedia (ICME 2002), Lausanne, Switzerland, 26-29 August 2002.
T. Tran-Thuong, C. Roisin, "Structured Media Content Modeling for Multimedia Document Authoring", in Web Document Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities, World Scientific - Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence,, to be published.