Muriel Jourdan

+33 (0) 4 76 61 53 58

INRIA Rhône Alpes

655 avenue de l'Europe

38330 Montbonnot St Martin, France


A brief CV 

I received my PHD in computer science in september 1994 on synchronous language and formal verificationtechnics. I made it in the Verimag project. Then I worked in the Bip project, working on formal verification of robotic applications.

I am now a permanent researcher at INRIA (from 1996) and i work in the Opera Project. My main subject of research interest is on multimedia documents. From march 1999, I participate to the SYMM working group of the W3C that defines the second version of the SMIL standard. More precisely I am the co-editor of the timing and synchronization document. I also wrote about 100 smil documents for the interoperability test phase.

Research interests

oMultimedia Document Modeling

§Which kind of information do we need to model a multimedia document ?

§What is the best way to describe such an information ?

My main contributions was to promote Madeus [Layaïda98] in the multimedia document community and to participate to the SMIL2.0 definition.

oMultimedia Document Design 

§How can we help the author to create a multimedia document ?

I supervise (with C. Roisin) the PHD thesis of Laurent Tardif who defines the Kaomi toolkit to help the design of authoring environment whatever the saving format of the document is. I also supervise his master thesis in which he defines some algorithms to maintain temporal relations through direct manipulation of objects in a timeline view [Tardif97]. Frédéric Bes is another master student who defined one algorithm to handle hierachical set of temporal contraints. This algorithm is used in the Madeus Editor witch is an authoring tool built upon the Kaomi toolkit that make intensive use of contraint technics (both for the spatial and temporal dimension). I also supervise the devlopment of SMILEditor an authoring tool for designing SMIL document in a friendly way.

Next steps of these works will be to add some kind of templates to reduce the complexity of the authoring task and to add more formal verification of the integrity of a multimedia document (this is the aim of the master thesis of Djalel Chefrour).

Another direction is to think about automatic generation of multimedia document that takes into account the preferences of the reader (this is the aim of the master thesis of Farid Khantache)

oMultimedia Document Adaptation

§How can we help the author to write adaptable document?

I supervise the PHD thesis of Frédéric Bes who works on an "intelligent" formating phase which should reduce the author task while writing adaptable multimedia documents. 

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