The Negotiation of Multimedia Content Services in Heterogeneous Environments

Tayeb Lemlouma and Nabil Layaida

May 2000

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The MMM 2001 8th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling


Few number of works have discussed the problem of multimedia services negotiation in heterogeneous environments. This paper presents a new negotiation strategy of services in such environments. This strategy is based on the concept of profiling and document selection. We show how CC/PP-RDF model can be used to describe clients preferences and capabilities, and how SMIL 2.0 modularization can serve as a basis to ensure services profile definition. We give the rules to follow in order to achieve the negotiation task. The negotiation protocol that we propose uses a method of profiling evaluation that we call the TL evaluation. We show how our protocol can respond efficiently to a best deliverance of adapted multimedia services for the end users, while taking into account device limitations and user preferences.


Multimedia negotiation, SMIL modularization, CC/PP-RDF Model, document profiling, user profiling.

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