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This site includes the documents generated by CEMT Project. This project is a cooperation project CNPq-INRIA between the project Opera at INRIA (France) and Instituto de Informatica at UFRGS (Brazil). Our goal is to develop an cooperative environment for the edition of multimedia documents, using Workflow concepts to coordinate the editing and rendering tasks, and here you may find our documents, links, and other informations about CEMT Project.

Pub areaPublic area - publishing area for project members!

buttonThe II Workshop CEMT at Grenoble, France, was a sucess!! Presentations are available here. ( 03 / June / 2002 )
buttonA new beta version of Amaya with WebDAV support is available!! Download it into "Source Codes" session. Beta testers are welcome! ( 17 / May / 2002 )
buttonA The WebDAV module for the Libwww has been updated! Download new version into "Source Codes" session!! ( 29 / Mar / 2002 )
buttonA WebDAV modulefor the Libwww library now available!! Read the technical report and download the source code!! ( 01 / Mar / 2002 )
buttonServer problems: all server functions are "up and running" again! Our publication area and the annotation server are both working well! ( 18 / Jan / 2002 )
buttonNew report about 2001 activities is available! (15 / Jan / 2002 )
buttonServer problems : due to an erroneous update in our web server, our publishing area is not working as usual. Please, send your web resources by email to our "web administrator" for manual publication! As soon as the possible, the publishing capabilities will be restored! ( 15 / Jan / 2002 )
button Awareness protocol- new version available! ( 21 / Nov / 2001 )
button New "Source Codes" session! ( 08 / Nov / 2001 )
button New document about the implementation of WebDAV ( 12 / Oct / 2001 )
buttonPresentations from the I Workshop CEMT are now available! (20 / Sep / 2001)
buttonNew paper "The Conception of Cooperative Environment for Editing Multimedia Documents with Workflow Technology (CEMT)" is now available! (13/ Sep/2001 )
button The I Workshop CEMT at Porto Alegre, Brazil, was a sucess! (11 / Sep / 2001)
button Password for Annotea server and DAV/PUT features integrated ! (30 / Ago / 2001 )
button New Annotea server installed ! (24 / Ago / 2001)

CNPq-INRIA.html Cooperation accord between CNPq and INRIA.

Language: Portuguese

projetoINRIAfrv3.html Old version of the CEMT project.

Language: French

esquemas.html Overview about project environment.

Language: French

AdaptacaoProjeto_CEMT.html Some new definitions for the project

Language: French

wokflow.html Overview about the workflow tasks inside CEMT project.

Language: French

CEMT-bookmarks.html Some bookmarks for the CEMT project.

Language: Portuguese

rapport-cemt.html Plan for the second year of the project. Still in construction.

Language: french



A report about the inclusion of a module for past event awareness support inside the groupware Byzance.

Language: french

Language: portuguese



Small workflows for the creation of a course and for the edition of document using Amaya editor.

Language: french

TISSOT_rapport.v2.pdf Stage report written by Michael Tissot that treats about a simple workflow authoring tool made with Kaomi.

Language: french

CEMT-Reports4v3.html Paper / report about the CEMT Project, written for the CNPq-INRIA's Workshop of projects evaluation.
Cemt - PPT / HTML

workflowbyzance2 - PPT / HTML

Presentations (in Power Point and HTML format) made in I Workshop CEMT. The presentation "Cemt" ( PPT / HTML ) talk about the projet itself, and the presentation "workflowbyzance2" ( PPT / HTML ) talk about the workflow for the groupware Byzance.

Presentations Authors: Carlos M. Zeve (Cemt) and Tiago Telecken (workflowbyzance2)

Language : english

Resumo_OpenSource.html A smal text about the use of open source tools in CEMT project.

Language : portuguese

PlanDAV (html / StarOffice) A small plan about the implementation of WebDAV protocol in Amaya editor.

Language : french

AwarenessProtocol.html Definition of the Project CEMT's Awareness protocol

Language : english

CEMT-1jet.ps A report about the project activities in 2001.

Author : Nabil Layaida

Language : french



Report about the WebDAV module created for the Libwww. Available in PDF and PS gzipped. Source code is available in "Source codes" section.

Author : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro

Language : french

relatorioWSVGCEMT.pdf Report about the Workflow editor created with Amaya SVG functions.

Author : Tiago Telecken

Language : portuguese

Source codes

These are some source codes used or created by the CEMT project.





Modified Amaya versions with WebDAV support (binaries for Linux-ELF/Motif included).

The Amaya6.1_libwww_DAV_beta1.1.tar.gz also includes Libwww with WebDAV support.

To compile and install it, follow the instructions at Amaya Homepage and use the option "--with-dav" in configure procedure, or read the document ReadmeDAV.html. Also, you can read the document TestSuiteDAV.html, if you want test the WebDAV functions in your Amaya application.

Language : C

Supported Systems: Linux

Author :

Amaya : W3C

WebDAV Support : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Project CEMT)

Needs : Libwww with WebDAV support

See :

Amaya Homepage

Libwww Homepage


libwwwDAV.tar.gz A WebDAV module for Libwww library. This module implements all methods from WebDAV protocol, and also includes new "extension" methods, which can be used to extend the libwww capabilities. Those methods give to the applications the ability to register and use new methods, normally unknown to the libwww.

Language : C

Author : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Project CEMT)

Needs : libwww

tree-1.2.tar.gz A tree implementation, used to represent simple XML expressions.

Language : C

Author : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Project CEMT)

awparser-1.1.tar.gz A library that transforms XML expressions in a tree, and vice-versa (to be used in the awareness protocol created by Project CEMT).

Language : C

Author : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Project CEMT)

Needs : Expat

prodcust-1.2.tar.gz A simple producer/customer algorithm, for one buffer and two process (one customer and one producer).

Language : C

Author : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Project CEMT)

Needs : IPC shared memory and semaphors system support

amaya-gtk-5.2.tar.gz Amaya web editor source code.

Language : C

Author : W3C

Needs : see www.w3.org/Amaya



Framework BW (for past awareness support) and the UML class editor COPSE (with BW).

Language : Java (1.1.x)

BW : Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (II/UFRGS - Brazil)

COPSE : Marcio Dias (COPPE/UFRJ - Brazil)

Needs : JDK 1.1.x, PostgreSQL, JDBC driver for PostgreSQL

Interesting Links
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Author: Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Manuele.Kirsch_Pinheiro@inrialpes.fr)

Last update: 06 / June / 2002

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