The UPSProfiles Package

Author: Tayeb L.

Several applications need today to handle and process the client characteristics, capabilities and preferences in order to deliver a well adapted content to the user context. Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles (in short CC/PP) created by the W3C represents an efficient model to ensure a good description of the user that can be used to guide content adaptation processes. Creating valid CC/PP profiles is not easy. Moreover, in some situations profiles are not stored initially and can be received or calculated during the execution of the user application.

The fr.inrialpes.opera.upsprofiles package is developed to facilitate the creation of valid CC/PP profiles. Created profiles follows a schema (UPS) which was defined for the network content negotiation and adaptation. The package allows developers to create easily their profiles using the provided methods. Profiles creation can be done just with giving the utile information as input arguments. This takes a high importance when the profiles content can be calculated by the developer application. The main class method of the UPSProfilesCreator class provides a test program of the package. The test will create five different CC/PP profiles. The destination directory must be given as argument, otherwise the current directory will be used to store the created profiles.

In the following, we give some profile examples created using the fr.inrialpes.opera.upsprofiles package:

Profile 1
Profile 2
Profile 3
Profile 4
Profile 5

Source code documentation


WProfileCreator: An application of client profile creation using the UPSProfiles package.


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