UAProf to UPS XSLT Transformation


The universal profiling schema (UPS) is defined to serve as a universal model that provides a detailed description framework for different contexts. UPS is built on top of CC/PP and RDF. The description of a context in UPS is profiles stored as XML mark-up. UPS identifies three main categories of contexts: the client, the server and the network. The UPS model is not limited to a particular protocol or content model and do not consider only the client characteristics. UPS takes into account the characteristics of the content, adaptation methods, proxies' capabilities etc. and this in order to perform efficient content adaptations for heterogeneous devices.


The User Agent Profile (UAProf) is defined to enable the end-to-end flow of a User Agent Profile, also referred to as Capability and Preference Information (CPI), between the WAP client, the intermediate network points, and the origin server. UAProf is an application of the W3C Composite Capability/Preference Profile (CC/PP). It uses the CC/PP model to define a framework for describing and transmitting CPI about the client and the used network that will be processing the content contained in a WSP (Wireless Session Protocol) response.

Transforming UAProf to UPS using XSLT

Since UPS is a general framework that can be used in the content adaptation and negotiation for heterogeneous environments, a useful transformation can be the one that transforms already written profiles for mobile devices into UPS profiles. Once UPS profiles are created, negotiation and adaptation mechanisms can be applied and then an adapted content, that takes into account the client limitations and characteristics, can be transmitted to the end users.

In the following, we give an XSLT style sheet that transforms UAProf profiles to UPS profiles. The style sheet considers the UAProf schema identified by the following namespaces:,,,,,,

To apply the style sheet correctly, make sure that the style sheet uses the right namespace used in the UAProf profile to transform.

The "UAProf2UPS" XSLT style sheet


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