last change: December, 3th 1998

BYZANCE  byzance.gif

A Web based HTML cooperative editor

The Byzance groupware application allows users connected to the Internet to collaborate for producing shared documents in HTML format. This application is suited to cooperatively produce and publish Web documents.

Byzance takes care of document access control and distribution. All co-authors see the document as a whole, and each user can edit different parts at the same time. The parts on which each user works may change during the editing session.

Byzance is based on Amaya, a Browser/Editor of documents on the Web developed by the W3C and on Alliance, a cooperative structured editor previously developed by Opera project. Both softwares are built on top of the Thot tool kit.

Read the license agreement and ask Opera team for getting a version of this software.

This application is currently developed on Solaris and Linux operating systems.

Byzance is developed in the project Opera