last change: 23 March 1999

Project Opera is closed. Some of its activities are continued in project WAM

Welcome to the OPERA Research Group

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Scientific Leader: Vincent QUINT

Project Manager : Cécile ROISIN


This project is interested in electronic documents, such as technical documentation, hypertext, and multimedia. It studies document models that take into account logical structures, graphical presentation and multimedia contents. It also develops editing techniques based on these models.

OPERA is a project ofthe research unit Rhône-Alpes of INRIA.

Project Opera was closed at the end of 2002. Some of its activities are continued in project WAM.


Models for multimedia structured documents
Models that can represent different types of documents in a homogeneous way, including structured documents, hypertext and multimedia. A major activity in this area concerns transformation techniques required for XML structured documents. Another activity focuses on the specification of generic models for multimedia documents.
Edition/presentation of multimedia documents
Authoring and presentation environments for multimedia documents based on a representation of time well adapted to an incremental verification of temporal scenarios.
Cooperation on the Web
Cooperative document editing and the impact of new web technologies for the emergence of cooperative tools on the web.


Current project

A toolbox for creating authoring environments for multimedia documents
An authoring environment for multimedia documents specified with flexible relations.
An authoring environment for multimedia documents specified in the standard SMIL1.0.
An authoring and presentation environment for multimedia documents in which the internal structure of complex media such as video can be edited to be used inside spatial and temporal synchronisations in the document.
A temporal editor for multimedia documents specified in the standard SMIL1.0.
An embedded SMIL player written in C++, well suited to PDAs and other mobile devices.

Previous projects

a structured document editor, used for a number of experiments such as active documents, embedding complex physical structures in logical structures, transformations of logical structures, Web editing, etc.
a cooperative structured editor


An XSLT transformation which  translates MathML 2.0 content markup into Presentation markup

W3C at Inria Rhône-Alpes

The project OPERA has close relationships with the W3C Inria Rhône-Alpes team. The W3C browser/editor Amaya is based on the Thot toolkit..

More Information

The OPERA project members list, the bibliography of the project and the activity report (in French) are available on this server.

Consult the seminar and course page about multimedia structured documents.

You can also find internship opportunities and job announcements that are proposed by the project (in French)