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New Features and Bug Fixes







This file lists all bugs that have been fixed and all extensions that have been introduced in Thot Editor since version 2.0 of Thot Editor.

Fixed bugs:

From Thot Editor 2.0:

  • On 1 bit per pixel screen, forms buttons were entirely black and selection was invisible.
  • When closing a document and opening another one, the print parameters were not reset.
  • Help menu did not open manual.
  • Default with of documents windows increased, the menu bar now fit in one line.
  • Closing associated views kills the editor.
  • The Attributes and Selection menus of frames of associated views (Index table, Notes) were not well updated.
  • Closing a frame window of an associated view (Index table, Notes) killed the application.
  • Changing the character style or color when a single element is selected chamges the whole text element.
  • The hairlines of a table are not correct when printing a table.
  • The selection isn't displayed in associated views.
  • The pages in A4 format are not full enough (+1.5 cm is needed).

From Thot Editor 2.1:

  • Copy/paste operation between two documents failed when there are internal attribute-references (example: copy a table fro one document to another).
  • Print operation of sheet documents failed when the FeuillePP.PRS presentation schema is generated by prs compiler in English language.
  • The first reference to an associated view is not created (notes, index).
  • Option paginate in index building makes the editor enter in infinite loop.
  • Setting the Language attribute on root element opens views for all associated elements.
  • Thot icon is displayed in index views when they are open automatically (with commands insert a mark or build index).
  • If two documents have the same name in different directories, Thot always opens the one of the first directory of the directory list given by THOTDOC.
  • ChangeTypeMenu Crashes the editor
  • Index initialisation wasn't correctly done, crashed when several indexes were created

  • Pieces of text might be duplicated when the document was saved. It occured when Thot merged text elements.

  • Wrong value of graphics line weight

  • Page break width is sometime wrong: changed the PRS compiler

  • Opening a document with command line does not work in the current dir

  • Known bugs, but not solved (yet!):

    • backspace crashes the editor (can be solved by removing -O2 compling option )
    • cut/paste with X buffer sometimes does not work
    • lesstif does not displays anything in document windows.


From Thot Editor 2.0:

  • Selection can be an insert caret in text elements, api functions TtaGiveFirstSelectedElement and TtaSelectString handle it.
  • Added a paginate option in print form.
  • Window manager message are now handled.
  • It's now possible to extend dictionaries used by the spell-checker. When the user clicks on a (+dic) button in spell-chcker form, the word is added to the common extensible dictionary. By default this common dictionary is located in $HOME/.thot.DIC, but user can redefine this location in .thotrc registry: EXTENDDICT= Unless previous versions of thot, the extension dictionary is not attached to the document currently edited, but there is one by user.

From Thot Editor 2.1:

  • About Thot menu entry (Help menu of main window).
  • Debug mode allowing the edition of ill-structured document is available (see .thotrc registry file of the user).
  • Names of languages stored in .PIV files have changed. Ascendent compatibility is insured but not the reverse. Therefore your documents edited with the new version Thot2.1a may be considered as containing strings with unknown language by older Thot versions (Thot2.0 or less). The documents are not rejected but symbols strings are not well displayed.
  • Standard presentation form removed, replaced by an Standard Geometry form.

  • Registry entries have been added for zomm and visibility default values.

  • CSS support (experimental)

  • Structure transformations

Stéphane Bonhomme
Date 1997/09/18