Reference: Thot V2.1a
Date: May 7, 1997

The Thot User's Manual

Stéphane Bonhomme
Vincent Quint
Hélène Richy
Cécile Roisin
Irène Vatton

This document describes the operation of the Thot editor and its associated tools. The software is distributed in different packages; some packages do not contain all tools described in this manual. Thus the reader should take into account only the relevant parts of the manual:
  1. Thot editor only: ignore section 24, the references to that section and to the manual The Languages of Thot.
  2. Thot editor with compilers: read the full document and the manual The Languages of Thot.
  3. Application development tool kit: read the four manuals presented below.

Thot is a system designed to produce structured documents. It allows the user to create, to modify and to consult interactively documents that comply with models. These models permit the production of homogeneous documents. Formatting and typography are handled by the system: the user can then focus on the organization and on the contents of documents. Thot performs other operations for the user such as numbering, updating cross references, building index tables, etc.

Thot is an integrated and extensible system. It allows to process with the same tool and within the same document not only structured text but also graphics, complex tables, mathematical formulae, etc. This is not an exhaustive list: users can add other types of information by specifying the appropriate models.

Thot is an open system. It is able to exchange documents with other systems through a flexible exporting tool. It can also be included in other applications through its programming interface and its external call facility.

Manuals available with Thot
This manual is part of a set of four manuals delivered with the editing and application development software. The other manuals are:
Structure of this manual
This manual presents the way in which the system can be used. It contains information needed by users to produce documents with the Thot editor:
Conventions and notations
In this document, the messages produced by the editor as well as the names of commands, menu and form entries are enclosed ``In quotation marks with a capital first letter''. Names specific to objects (element types, attributes) or to applications are printed in the Courier typeface. The Thot installation directory path is called THOTDIR.

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