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Configuring Thot Editor







This document explains how to configure Thot Editor. A user configures Thot Editor by means of the .thotrc registry file, normaly located in the HOME directory of the user. In this file there is a section [thot] where user can change configuration options concerning :

Default Colors

User interface colors have default values that can be modified in the .thotrc registry file of the user. The following parameters are used:

  • BackgroundColor= background color of document windows.
  • DocSelectColor= background color of the selected part and of the insertion cursor.

    The default value for Black and White screens is Black. If you can't see a selection in your screen, change this value to White.

  • ForegroundColor= default color of text in documents.
  • MenuBgColor= Background color of: menu bars at the top of windows, the area where the selection message is displayed at the top of document windows, menus, dialogue boxes.
  • ButtonColor= background color of buttons in dialogue forms.
  • ScrollColor= color of the scrolling bars.

Once the .thotrc file has been modified, restart Thot Editor.

Colors Palette

Thot Editor allows the user to color documents with one of the 152 predefined colors. During initialization, the editor loads its color table to present them in a palette. The number of colors loaded by the editor can be divided by two by editing the .thotrc file.

  • ReduceColor= yes

Once the .thotrc file has been modified, restart Thot Editor.

Dialogue Language

The dialogue language is defined by the LANG registry variable. The default language is English (value en_US).

For other languages support, please contact us.

Printer command

The standard printer command is defined by the THOTPRINTER registry variable. If this command is not well adapted of the current system, the user have to update it in the print form or change this variable in its thot.ini registry.

Keyboard Shortcuts

It is convenient to be able to invoke menu commands from the keyboard. The Thot toolkit provides a facility that let user accomplish this. When the application starts, the Thot toolkit looks for the keyboard shortcuts file for the application. This file defines a list of associations between a keyboard sequence an the invoked corresponding command.

The syntax used to define association is:

 Directive = KeySeq ':' IdentCommand ;
 KeysSeq = KeySet [ ',' KeySet ] ;
 KeySet = [ Modifier ] [ 'Shift' ] Key ;
 Key = '<Key>' KeyValue / '<Key>' SpecialKey ;
 Modifier = 'Ctrl' / 'Alt' / 'Meta' ;
 KeyValue = 'a' / 'b' / ... ;
 SpecialKey = 'Escape' / 'Delete' / 'Space' / 'BackSpace' / 
              'Return' / 'Up' / 'Down' / 'Left' / 'Right' / 
              'Home' / 'End' / 'F1' / ... / 'L1' / ... / 'R1' / ... ;
 IdentCommand = 'TtcInsertChar(' Char ')' / NAME '()' ;
 Char = KeyValue / OctalValue ;  OctalValue = '\' NUMBER ; 

See standard thot.keyboard file in the config directory.

The list of available commands is:

  • Moving commands:
    • TtcNextChar, TtcPreviousChar: move chararcter by character.
    • TtcNextLine, TtcPreviousLine, TtcStartOfLine, TtcEndOfLine: move line by line.
    • TtcNextElement, TtcPreviousElement, TtcChildElement, TtcParentElement: move element by element.
    • TtcPageDown, TtcPageUp, TtcPageTop, TtcPageEnd: move page to page.

  • In main window :
    • in File menu:

      TtcCreateDocument, TtcOpenDocument, TtcQuit.

    • in Environment menu:

      Setschemapath, Setdocumentpath, TraiteMenuSpaces.

    • in Palette menu:

      TtcDisplayMathKeyboard, TtcDisplayGraphicsKeyboard, TtcDisplayGreekKeyboard, TtcDisplayLatinKeyboard.

    • in Help menu:

      AboutThot, TraiteMenuHelp.

  • in standard document windows
    • in File menu:

      TtcSaveDocument, TtcSaveDocumentAs, LocSetBackupInterval, TtcSetupAndPrint, TtcOpenView, TtcCloseView, TtcCloseDocument.

    • in Edit menu:

      TtcInsert, TtcCopySelection, TtcCopyToClipboard, TtcPaste, TtcPasteFromClipboard, TtcCutSelection, TtcDeleteSelection, TtcInclude, LocSplit, LocSurround, TtcChangeType, TtcHolophrast, TtcSearchText, TtcSearchEmptyElement, TtcSearchEmptyReference, TtcSearchReference, TtcSpellCheck.

    • in Present menu:

      TtcChangePresentation, TtcSetVisibilityView, TtcSetZoomView, LocChangesynchronize, LocLister, TtcChangeCharacters, TtcChangeGraphics, TtcChangeColors, TtcChangeFormat, TtcStandardPresentation.

    • in Page menu:

      LocPaginateDocument, LocPaginateview, LocInsertpagebreak, LocGotopage.

    • in Tools menu: TtcIndex.

Stéphane Bonhomme
Date 1997/09/18