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                 E-Mail : Laurent.Tardif@inria.fr 

                 Tél : +33.

       Adr : Projet Opera, INRIA - Rhône-alpes 655 Avenue de L'europe, Montbonnot St Martin 38330  (FRANCE)

Research work:

At INRIA, I work on Multimedia Authoring and Presentation Systems Research group. This group studies development of mechanisms and techniques that support abstract
modelling, authoring, and runtime implementation of multimedia applications at the systems and user levels. The applications studied cover a broad spectrum of concerns, but all
share a need for presentation on heterogeneous environments and a requirement for long "product" life-cycles to recover the high costs of multimedia document production.

     Multimedia authoring and presentation tools : see Madeus Home Page.
     Temporal modelling and synchronization of multimedia documents.
     Operating system and network services for multimedia information systems.
     Document representation and encoding for portable multimedia presentations.
     Constraint-based programming.

The fundamantal problems include the development of document activity specification that can be used as the basis for transportable multimedia applications, the development of
protocols for adaptive communication of multimedia data transfers over the network, and distributed resource retrieval, allocation and transport algorithms.

During my Ph.D i studied authoring environments for multimedia documents (Jou98). I designed a toolkit for multimedia authoring environments (Jou99) which is built upon constraint solvers. These solvers are used to maintain the relations (spatial and temporal) among the media objects during the authoring process.

Related research projects :

     Multimedia Communication Laboratory (MCL) at Boston University.
     Interoperable Multimedia Systems at CWI (known for CMIFed and Amsterdam Hypermedia Model).
     Ottawa Multimedia Information Research Laboratory (MIRL).
     The Firefly system developped at Xerox Paolo Alto Research Center (it seems it has no home page)
     The Isis system developped at IBM Watson Research Center.