Thot Editor Opera Project

Thot structured document editor

Last Release 2.1e

Developed by project Opéra at Inria Rhône-Alpes

Thot is a structured document editor, offering a graphical WYSIWYG interface under X-Windows. Learn more about Thot history and Thot Copyright.

Thot Editor Overview

Thot offers the usual functionality of a word processor, but it also processes the document structure. It includes a large set of advanced tools, such as a spell checker and an index generator, and it allows to export documents to common formats like HTML and LaTeX.

Downloading Thot Editor

Since version 2.0, Thot is available for free.

Please read the documentation and follow the installation instruction.

Thot has it's own directory on Sunsite Linux archive and the Sunsite.Unc.Edu Mirrors under the apps/editors/X/thot Linux directory.

Thot Library

The Thot editor is build on top of the Thot library developed at Inria by project Opera. Some documentation is also available for developers :

Mailing List

A mailing list is available for the support of Thot:

Authors and Contributors

Many thanks to the local Users Group Guilde who accepted to beta-test the port of Thot to Linux.

Cécile Roisin

Last modified: November 18, 1997